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Welcome to Hair-Weave-Styles.com.

Whatever the look you want to create with your hair weave, we can help make it happen by providing valuable information and advice for ladies looking to spend their money wisely.

Quality hair extensions and weaves are the absolute must-have items in the beauty industry today. A gorgeous new hairstyle can not only completely transform a woman's look, but it can entirely change her image of herself and greatly increase her self-confidence. With constant improvements in the preparation and application processes, hair extensions are an exciting way to update your style.

There are so many different types of extensions, made out of various materials, and applied to the customer in a myriad of ways, that sometimes it can seem daunting to try and wade through all the different options.

Black hair weave styles are designed specifically to flatter and accommodate the needs of African American women, while hair extensions designed for Caucasian women have their own characteristics as well. Also, depending on the type and application process, hair extensions can last between two and six months. Different types of hair extensions will cost vastly different amounts depending on their material and application procedure.

Other types of extensions you may want applied by a professional in a salon include extensions that are applied strand by strand using either a glue and non-glue bonding method, as well as braided extensions. Either of these options can be especially suited to black hair weave styles and can look very natural if applied carefully by a professional.

Whether your stylist recommends a weave style or you decide on a style it will depend on your hair texture, length, and budget.


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Always be sure to choose the highest quality weave possible and practice proper care procedures to ensure the beauty and health of your hair for as long as you wear it.

Also taking care of your hair beneath the extensions is the key to maintaining a healthy scalp and a healthy head of natural hair.

With so much to consider, the only place to start is at Hair-Weave-Styles.

If you've been wearing a weave for as long as I have then you should feel right at home.

If you are new to wearing hair extensions, weaves, and wigs please feel free to browse this useful guide.

Here are some quick links to the helpful pages on our site:

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