African American Hair Braiding Styles

african american hair braiding styles

The popularity of African American hair braiding styles is one that has endured for decades, with more and more women of all nationalities trying out this interesting change to their look.

The style is extremely easy to maintain, once the initial braiding process is out of the way, although there can be some hair health tips to keep in mind to keep the braids lasting as long as possible and looking their best. This can be used in combination with other weaves, extensions, or accessories to the hair, for a truly unique and individual look. Getting started involves looking at all of the possibilities.

Cornrows are of course one of the most well known African American hair braiding styles, and still give an edgy yet timeless look to men and women alike. This braiding style involves tightly braiding the hair close to the scalp in straight or geometric patterns, for an overall uniform look that is flattering for most facial types. It really brings out the natural bone structure of your face, leaving you looking strong and beautiful. For the maintenance of cornrows, it’s best to use a hairnet when showering, and to use a shampoo that is extra rich in protein.

african american hair braiding styles

Micro braids and kinky twists are two other types of black hair braiding styles, which are often used with yaki or marley braid hair.

This is a fun way to change your hairstyle and celebrate the natural beauty that you were born with, making it one of the most ongoing popular ways to style your hair.

With any braiding styles, it’s important to remember to keep the hair well moisturized and oil your scalp on a weekly basis to prevent stress or breakage.

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