Braided Hair Extensions

A Flattering Style That Never Ages

braided hair extensions

Braided hair extensions are a way of adding an extra dynamic to your style, and are available in any number of different colors, lengths, and materials.

Braiding is one of the most enduringly popular looks for woman of all nationalities, skin tones, and ages. This is a style that is easy to maintain and can really last for months if the style is compatible with your features.

Micro braids and invisible braids, because they are so small and easy to hide can give you a new sassy look that can range from professional, to elegant, to edgy, depending on what you do with the tiny braids once they are in. These may not be ideal for long hair. However, for long natural hair, the braiding process will add on a great deal of weight to the hair which could lead to damage or breakage of the hair follicles and strands. That is not only uncomfortable but also inconvenient.

Women with shorter hair will find that micro braids are a great option in terms of versatility. These are small and delicate, meaning that they can be curled into their own complex styles, or they could be pinned up for an elegant look for the office. Simply leaving them in as-is is also a good look for many different women, and they tend to accentuate the natural beauty that your face already holds. There is no need to hide behind your hair when you can have it show you off!

Caring for your hair after putting in micro braids involves many of the same techniques that you would use for other braided hairstyles. The most important thing to remember is to keep the scalp moisturized, using oil treatments on your scalp if necessary.

braided hair extensions

That is an easy way to stock up on the products that will keep your hair looking and feeling its best, no matter what types of braids or extensions you have put in. What is nice about braided hair extensions is that the normal texture and cut of your hair don’t matter, because there are extensions that can be worked into any length of hair.

Even if you have extremely short hair to begin with, chances are a stylist will still be able to work the extension in with a micro braiding technique that can be time consuming but well worth it in terms of the drastic and dramatic results that are given at the end of the experience.

That ability to change your appearance within the span of a day is the main reason why braided hair extensions will continue to flourish. Their natural appearance is another reason, although, as stated above, it is indeed important to take into consideration your current look and face shape to determine what would be most flattering.

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