Human Hair Weave

human hair weave

A human hair weave can last for up to six to eight months, if you keep these techniques and maintenance tips in mind, and make sure to make the most out of your new look.

The obvious reason why you might prefer human hair extensions is that they are more natural, and will blend in more easily to the rest of your natural hair. These are most commonly imported from Russia, India, and Latin America, where women enjoy strong and lustrous hair that they are willing to sell for a price.

That means that others can benefit from having a strong head of hair that moves just like their natural hair would, and feels just like the real thing, soft and silky, in comparison to sometimes stiff-feeling synthetics.

Caring for a Human Hair Weave

human hair weave

When you choose a human hair weave, you will need to think about keeping it strong with the same nutrients that you provide to your normal hair. Because you can’t provide it with vitamins and protein through your diet, you can add these in with special shampoos and conditioners that help keep your hair looking strong and shiny. It’s best to wash the hair in cold or lukewarm water, to make sure that you don’t strip the moisture out of it, because that can be hard to add back in over time. Special deep conditioning treatments and oils can help the weave stay soft and luxurious rather than dry and brittle.

Caring for human hair extensions is far less complicated than many would believe, and is basically the same process that you would use to care for your normal hair. It is recommended to comb your hair every morning, to help spread the natural oil from your scalp throughout the hair, since this will not occur by itself. You may also want to wash your hair in cold or lukewarm water, and wrap it up at night with a silk scarf to prevent it from becoming too dry. Beauty supplies are available with vitamins and protein to help strengthen the hair and keep it looking its best, for up to months at a time.

By following these tips, you are sure to keep your new human hair weave looking healthy and strong. There’s no better way to work it than with lustrous, shiny human hair that manages to become a part of you after time.

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