Treatment for Damaged Hair

treatment for damaged hair

The right treatment for damaged hair can restore your hair's natural beauty and health.

Americans have always regarded long, beautiful, hair as the preferred look for a woman's beauty and so it must be every woman's dream to have such kind of hair. However, this is not always the case for many a woman. Research findings indicate that African Americans hair is quite weak. It is therefore important that we learn how to take care of our natural hair.

The market is flooded with information and advice on how to have and maintain strong hair. While most of this advice is essential, note that there is no one size fits all solution for hair issues. There are however, steps one would take to improve their hair strand strength, both chemically and naturally.

Conditioning the hair is the first plan of attack in your weekly regimen of treatment for damaged hair. This is called a "pre-poo." A pre-poo is adding conditioner to your dry hair before washing takes place. Wearing a plastic cap while "pre-pooing" will allow conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. This is done for about a half an hour depending on your level of damage.

Next, they say cleanliness is next to godliness. This really is an easy step to take. Hair that is cobbled up in a grubby and dirty environment can only get weak. Cleaning your hair every week is a great way to removing all accumulated chemicals, oils and dirt that leave your hair stuffed and chocking. While cleaning hair, make sure to use some moisturizing shampoo, as black hair is brittle when dry.

Conditioning must be done after a shampoo as well, in the same manner as the "pre-poo".

treatment for damaged hair

Avoid exposure to excessive heat. Dry and damaged hair is usually susceptible and tends to break when exposed to too much heat. For drying hair after a wash, use a towel rather than blow-drying. Avoid too much use of curling wands and such appliances as they leave the hair weak and whenever you use them, make sure to apply some heat protective creams.

It is advisable to trim all weak hair. Damaged hair has many split ends. Trim these ends every three to four weeks to give room for new cells to grow. You can easily do this at home or with your hair care specialist.

Scalp Massaging is good for the well-being of your hair. As mentioned, stuffiness in your hair increases the incidence of hair breakages and one way to rectify this is through massaging your scalp. This helps increase circulation of much needed air and blood flow to growth cells and follicles and also aids in the production of skin oil that lubricates the weak hair.

Conditioners are a great treatment for damaged hair. It is advisable to use conditioning oils after every shampoo to reduce tangles and to soften the hair. Seek the help of your hair specialist in choosing the right conditioner for your hair type. If possible, use protein enhanced natural oils such as coconut or olive oils every forth night for a one off deep conditioning.

Above all, it is important to lead a healthy, stress free lifestyle. Watch what you eat, have enough rest and avoid tension and anxiety as all these have a negative effect on your body, your hair included.

Growing strong hair takes time and consistency of effort. Avoid too much use of chemicals and whenever you have to use them, use the more natural oils as your hair specialist will recommend.

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